A fine home in a seaside gated community.

We have decided to put this house back on the market after making it even a little better.

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Our lovely guest house is not going to stay around unsold for long. We live in campo Reynoso, south of Rosarito, a gated community at km 46 near Cantamar. We live in our other house right behind this one on the next street down. And so we can be there  and show it to you in minutes. It is visually presented here to satisfy potential buyers' curiosity before they decide to come visit A Google map with directions from your place is shown at the bottom of this page and other pages also. A simple phone call on our landline (661)614-3163 will get us to open the gate in 2 minutes if it is closed. If calling from a US phone, you might also try (760) 444-0212 and ask for Jacques.

The house is unique both inside and out. Less than a pleasant 3-minute walk to the beach (zoom in on the map at bottom ). A lovely trellised patio area, roof top decks, very high ceilings and a spacious environment. In addition to master bedroom, it has a guest room or office, a loft and two large bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a cozy dining area, a large slow-burning wood stove, great brick work inside, arched windows, along with enough design touches to make this house different and special. The hobby room upstairs has a  panoramic window facing north and a day bed, both with ocean view.

Campo Reynoso is known as the most secure and affordable gated community in the already very peaceful Northern Baja. It is NOT a trailer park as most houses are of solid and recent construction. Low traffic, quiet and excellent living conditions, pure mountain water, garbage disposal, and high-tech security equipment including night vision webcams on all streets. 

*Average electrical: $15 to $40 a month, payable every second month. Gas (propane) is cheap in Mexico. Phone with Internet $50.  Water, garbage, taxes, sewerage, security, insurance, HOA fees  etc..included in a single payment for the land lease ($266 . per month plus whatever option you choose for water depending on your needs. You get one month free if paid in one yearly check.)  Each dog is an extra $10 a month to a maximum of three. 


Mechanics, maids, dentist, drugs, restaurant, medics, carpenters, all so much cheaper and happy to serve you.  And just in case you don't already know this, it is under the best microclimate in north America, tempered by the Pacific to provide cool summers and warm winters, yet without much of the <June Gloom> phenomenon found in much of California, thanks to favorable estuary breezes in Descanso Bay, chasing away clouds for by far the sunniest and pleasant living conditions, a world class advantage we think.