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This is solidly built reinforced concrete house with the specs required to resist potential earthquakes. All three sleeping areas are insulated and the house has been termite-free for as long as we have had it. We still had it inspected, tented and fumigated last summer as a preventive measure even though we had no infestation reported. We could have saved $800 had we known that that termites don't really like a concrete environment (sigh!). All the wood used in roof was found to be sturdy and whole.

Enclosed Courtyard

This house has two hot-water systems: a new gas-fired tank and
an on-demand water heater for the kitchen. This allows
occasional visitors to shut down the tank and yet have instant
hot water when they return to the house.

Second Bathroom with Shower

Kitchen door can fold in different ways
to suit aperture desired to kitchen.

Front Door

Converts to a double bed by pulling out
a quality 6-inch PU mattress.
The carved wooden backrest is then
swung upwards and a filler piece
dropped near the back wall.

Door to master bedroom

The artist loft can also be used by hobbyists and craft persons.

We will reinstall this great workbench of my invention for a little extra. I love to cook and I took it away to our main house behind this one. See the video on its functions here.